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Original Everlong In Pakistan

Everlong tablet is used for untimely ejaculation and other conditions. Everlong pill can also be used for functions now not listed in this medicine guide.
This pill contains dapoxetine as an lively ingredient.
The tablet works by inhibiting serotonin transporter to put off ejaculation.

Reviews of Everlong Tablets

Everlong tablets price in Pakistan 4000 pkr
Everlong pills in Pakistan score price five out of five
Consumer reviews: ninety nine% out of one hundred%

With a busy life-style coupled with lack of properly eating conduct, the health of an individual nowadays is a ways from best. One of the maximum alarming effects of one of these life-style is the dearth of sexual strength in guys.

One of the maximum successful early opinions showed a chain of couples thankfully dancing collectively after Everlong capsules in Pakistan seemingly cured the lack of rhythm in their dating.

Everlong Tablets

The overall opinions about Everlong tablets in Pakistan and all over the global are fantastic. Many benefits of Everlong drugs are because Everlong capsules in Pakistan is a dapoxetine supplement for penis enhancement.


Excellent cost for cash
Excessive pleasant product
Smooth to apply
Fabricated from natural manner
Works for men
No facet outcomes herbal and organic
Training guide

Important information:

Coronary heart patient have to no longer to apply everlong tablets in Pakistan.
Do now not use everlong drugs in Pakistan beneath 18 years vintage with out clinical recommendation.
Sufferers with intense hepatic impairment
Patients with kidney sickness
Individuals with low blood stress (hypotension)
Those who’ve a latest coronary heart assault
The ones who’ve had a recent stroke
People with hereditary degenerative retinal issues.


1- have ever had mania (signs and symptoms encompass feeling over-excited, irritable or not being able to think actually) or excessive despair
2- have liver or kidney troubles
3- have, or are susceptible to, excessive pressure in the attention (glaucoma)
Are there any food restrictions while taking Everlong Capsules in Pakistan
Keep away from alcohol or smoking

Side Effects:

Everlong capsules in Pakistan components are dapoxetine (salt) and don’t have any any facet consequences. However a few purpose every medication can aspect effect if a person no longer follows the method to use and take recommendation earlier than doctor.

Everlong Benefits:

Everlong advantages in Urdu reviews coming from researchers in extraordinary regions of fitness at numerous universities have give you thrilling records about Everlong tablets blessings.
Deliver effective, repeat & durable erections.
Greater ejaculation and maximum sexual delight.
Truly fulfill your partner.

Terms & Conditions

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  • 2 Days Required For Delivery
  • 3 Days Checking Warranty
  • Exchange is best legitimate in case of defected / faulty product claimed inside 3 days of warranty
  • Trade / replacements could be processed in 7 days

Ever Long Tablets Contains:

Logo : Ever Long Tablet by Means of Everest Pharma
Includes: 10 Drugs in One P.c.
Kind : Erection and Timings
Efficiency : 60mg


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